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CanDoMaths In School Support

As you know, the mission of CanDoMaths is to give you the support and tools to achieve the maths improvement goals you want over the next academic year.  We understand that it is important for you to have clear, professional guidance from experts, and we want to give you that support.  

With the CanDoMaths Packages available, you have everything you need to implement the CanDoMaths approach in your school however, we appreciate that for some schools the CanDoMaths Approach is a big step and a real shift in the way your maths provision is delivered and considered throughout the school.

The CanDoTeam...

Liz Hopkins and Steve Lomax

Resource Creators and Co-Founders

Liz Hopkins and Steve Lomax have both worked extensively with schools across the South West to help them on their maths improvement journey for the last 20 + years.


They are both passionate about ensuring all children are given the opportunities to enjoy and achieve in mathematics and develop a ‘Can Do’ attitude to mathematics. 


You can find out more about our team on our About Us page

We are passionate about helping schools achieve the improvement we know our approach can deliver

So, we have put together a few in-school support options to help you with implementing the CanDoMaths Approach and getting the best out of the resources you have invested in. 


Whether you need support and guidance to implement the CanDoMaths Approach, or a review to identify next steps, or specific subject expertise support for a particular year group we can provide the in school support you need to make the difference.

Don't forget, Steve and Liz are available to give you support regardless of the resources you use to plan your maths curriculum.

CPD Packages

Some suggestions to get you stared, bespoke options are available.

Our CPD Packages include:

  • CanDoMaths Implementation Day - from £750
  • Implementing CanDoMaths in EYFS - from £500
  • Bar Modelling and Representations to Develop Reasoning - from £750
  • CanDoMaths Review and Plan Next Steps - from £500
  • CanDoMaths 3 Day Implementation and Impact - from £1750
  • Bespoke Subject Expertise CPD - from £750
  • Joint Plan and Teach Sessions (a day working alongside teachers) - from £500

For more information, or to book a CPD Package please email either Liz [click here] or Steve [click here].

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