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Who are Buzzard Publishing

Buzzard Publishing is entirely focused on enabling schools to deliver the National Curriculum for Maths and English.  

Our innovative and proven approaches will help teachers to take their teaching from good to great by giving them a secure and supportive starting point from which to build exciting lessons.  

We’re not a publishing giant, we’re a team of teaching professionals with a mission to bring learning alive using the approaches and resources that have worked well for us and in the ever growing group of schools that choose to use Buzzard resources.  

If you have any questions, drop us a line, we’d be delighted to hear from you!  

Here at Buzzard Publishing, we predominantly publish three brands of resources, each of them has a different emphasis. 

Our Products


CanDoMaths resources have been created to support you with deepening and securing understanding in maths, and have been structured specifically to build children's confidence in maths. The CanDoMaths Club offers comprehensive planning approach which covers the whole curriculum for Years 1 - 6.

Get The Buzz!

Our very popular Get The Buzz! Resources can be found here, a series of flexible, photocopiable books that will enhance any maths scheme. You can also find more great resources for arithmetic practice, developing early number understanding and home learning.


“Livello Modules’ innovative and proven approach will help teachers to take their teaching from good to great by giving them a secure and supportive starting point.” There are six modules for each year group, covering comprehension, grammar and composition for the English curriculum.


Our Authors...

Liz Hopkins

Resource Creator and Owner

Liz has worked in education for over 25 years. She has taught from Key Stage 1 to 4 and was a local authority mathematics consultant for more than 12 years. Now Liz works as an independent consultant continuing to support and challenge primary schools to improve teaching and learning. She is passionate about encouraging teachers and children to think like mathematicians, rather than "do mathematics." Over the last 16 years Liz has also been focussed on creating a large variety of mathematics resources including targeted pupil activities, ideas for teachers, CPD resources for international use, and more recently, maths games books, multiplication tables books. Through her role with various organisations, transition projects and partnership trusts, she has been working with teachers to ensure fluency, reasoning and problem solving are effective throughout their school.

Marie Svilis

Resource Creator

Marie Svilis has worked in education for over 25 years. She has taught across the primary phase and has been a school leader in several primary schools. Marie has also worked as an education consultant for a local authority advisory service. She currently works as an independent English consultant, having a passion for working alongside individuals, groups of teachers and schools to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Marie has been planning and leading CPD to promote effective teaching and learning for many years. She is renowned for making courses enjoyable as well as meaningful and useful. Marie has also written Livello Modules, in collaboration with Liz Hopkins.

How Can We Help?

Steve Lomax

Resource Creator

Steve has been working with senior leaders, mathematics subject leaders, teachers and pupils for twenty five years. Through his current and previous roles, (including Mathematics Adviser for Gloucestershire, NCETM Specialist Adviser for Mathematics) Steve has a proven track record of supporting schools and leading change in Mathematics education. He is currently a Senior Maths Lead for a Maths Hub and Teaching School, an Associate Consultant and Accredited Professional CPD Lead for the NCETM, and co-founder of with his good buddy Liz Hopkins. He has worked with teachers in Shanghai as part of the National Maths Hubs research into the teaching of mastery in mathematics. Steve is passionate about ensuring all children are given the opportunities to enjoy and achieve in mathematics and develop a ‘Can Do’ attitude to mathematics. He regularly tweets about mainly mathsy things @MaxTheMaths

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