Unit 1.9 - Addition and Subtraction (17-20)

Unit 1.9 - Addition and Subtraction (17-20)

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This unit has 10 Manageable Steps and includes the following PDF downloads:

  • The Unit Road Map detailing the manageable steps for the unit
  • The Maths Mastery Matrix providing 'what it is', 'what it is also', 'what it is not' and a problem to solve
  • Suggested Stem and Generalised Sentences, and Essential Vocabulary for the unit
  • Deliberate Practice to use in Maths on Track sessions
  • The Unit Quiz with a multiple-choice question for each Manageable Step
  • Colin and Coco Challenge
  • PractiseIts* - An 'I Do, You Do, We Do' style resource to support a smooth transition to the independent 'DoIt' section of the lesson.
  • HookIts* - A collection of animated lesson 'Hooks' to kick off each lesson.

This unit also includes access to a Subject Expertise Video where Liz and Steve chat about the key learning.

*Please note, these resources will be added throughout the academic year.


Access is valid until the 31st July 2024. ALL the downloadable resources are intended for you to keep forever, so please download any PDFs you need before this date. Access to online videos will be revoked at the end of the academic year -  after 31st July 2024.


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